How to order?

How do I buy a Dutch Wiff? Or full body sex toys dering big booty sex dolls is easy.

Pick your favorite big booty sex doll and it's easy to do.

You can check out your order online USD USD (our main currency), you can pay for your order online Credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, and so on

We also support Paypal & Bank transfer method, if you want to pay the order by Paypal or Bank Transfer, pls will contact us anytime!

Our email: service@

1. Choose your favorite big booty sex doll.

Choose the sex doll you like


2. Select doll height and other options and click Add to Cart or Buy Now

Select a dutchwiff height and add it to your shopping cart


3. Check your shopping cart and write a note of flesh doll for sale your order.

Check your Dutch Wiff shopping cart and write an order note


4. Enter your email address and shipping address.

Enter your email address and shipping address

5. Review your order information and click “Continue payment”.

Review your order information and continue paying


6. Review your order information again, enter the disco real looking adult dolls unt code you received, and finally clic realistic sex doll video k “Complete order”.

Review your order information again, enter the discount code you received, and finally click “Complete order”.

7. Select a credit card payment, enter your credit card real adult dolls information, and click Pay now to c sex dolls in action omplete the payment.

Credit card payment

(We also support Paypal & Bank Transfer If you want to pay your order by way, inexpensive big booty sex dolls Paypal 💰 or bank transfer 💳, pls contact us via email and online chat anytime! We will send you Paypal payment link!)

Pay Dutch Wipe orders with Paypal

8. If your order amount exceeds about 9 million yen, then you may need to pass bank 3D verification to complete the order There's it. That is, you need to receive it. Confirmation code. Via the phone bound to a credit card, enter the verification code and complete the order.

How to pass 3D verification of credit card



Manufacturing takes 1-3 days for basic manufacturing, but exceptions may apply. If you have special requirements, you tpe big booty sex doll may prefer to speed up the process.

10. Ready & Shipping

We will ship the doll by UPS or FedEx. It usually takes 8-10 working days for delivery, depending on your location. Y minisexdolls ou will receive the tracking number sex emulator online in 1-2 days after shipping. Please check the shipping pol sex sims apk icy

11. Confirm tracking number

We will send you a tracking number by email. Please contact your carrier for a more accurate condition of your package.

12. Delivery complete Please

be careful when opening the box and handle the doll gently. Please take a 5 star review!

If you have any questions, please email service@.